Not Used To

I used to be like a stream in the countryside, free flowing. Adventurous. Liberated. I can expund on anything that I want to talk about. I was the conversationalist. Things arond me “inspired”
me to do such, and because of that, I feel great about what I do.

Now, I am nothing but a hollow log. Empty. Senseless. I cannot even make the words in my poetry fit! I always run out of things to say. Actually, if one sees my former multiply sites, and, I said more sense. Did emotions really play a part in my writing? I am water. I bring forth change.

Change. It is an inevitable thing. Yet, I cannot adhere myself to it. For months, I have been contemplating on the fact that I just cant go on with progress in my life. People see me as some chemistry geek, reading the LeMay and Brown book, browsing some McMurry and Leithold, but deep inside, I tend to be immature, especially when it comes to emotions.



Author: Josh Jimenez

A 24 year old Pharmacy student from Manila, Philippines He enjoys drinking Chamomile Tea, with Clean Bandit Tracks on deck, while reading his books, or jotting up notes for his next blog post.

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