Sleep needed.



Fall back to bed.

Stare blank at the ceiling, and with a sigh,

I slowly close my eyes.

The darkness slowly creeps away, as the first few rays of the sun reached my room’s windowpane.

I felt a shivering feeling down my spine, and unease in my breathing, as my eyes started to swell. I kept my eyes wide open, trying to keep the tears from falling. But as the flashbacks started rolling, I closed my eyes and let them run across my cheeks, sobbing in my dark room. I see myself enact those cruel and bitter memories of Junior and Senior year.

“I just cant repay you, and those good deeds that you doย  to me”

“We just cant be like close friends anymore”

It was like a living hell, here on earth.

And then I opened my eyes.


Rose up,

and went back to bed, crying.

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