An Intoxicated Midnight Fantasy

T’was that Mid-October night
When you came over for a drink
You went in, with that savvy look,
Left me not twice a time to think.

You sat there at a corner
And, as if you could read my mind
You crept in closer to my front
It was your full view that I find.

Those fingers were like satin
You ran them through me, to impress.
As I felt my insides stifle
Wild ideas need be suppressed.

I drank another wine shot
For me to boost my courage up.
But as I reached for the bottle,
I felt the weight upon my cup.

My head was now in circles
As I leaned from the left to right.
Last I saw was your flushed red cheeks
Then you came close and held me tight.

I cannot hold on for long!
All we needed was wine and song.
This night was for the two of us
And I was sure it will not go wrong.

Never had I felt this so
Unraveled feelings on the floor
I had you now, not like this before!
Unwavering– love to the core.

You led me back to my seat
And then we kissed a little more.
I was reaching for the lamplight
When there came a knock from the door.


Author: Josh Jimenez

A 24 year old Pharmacy student from Manila, Philippines He enjoys drinking Chamomile Tea, with Clean Bandit Tracks on deck, while reading his books, or jotting up notes for his next blog post.

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