Three Days More

Time passed by so fast. One blink, the finals were finished.
Another one, and its almost November 2.

I may feel much like my other blockmates and college friends, eager to extend the semestral break. (I know La Sallians and Mapuans feel the same way too. Too bad for them) But eventually, like a good dream, we should wake up from it happy. I just hope I would still be able to tell this with conviction when I face my dreaded Trigonometry subject.

Ooooh. I just hate Math.

That is why, despite my frequent food-trips here in Manila during the 3-week rest we all savored (oh come on! we deserved it!), I was able to read a couple of pages from the College Algebra and Trigonometry by Louis Leithold that I purchased weeks ago.

I also bought my very own Tenth Edition Chemistry by Raymond Chang. It cost me a bit, but it was worth it, especially if I really am going to pursue Chemistry.

WAIT. Did I just type that?
Of course Im going to get through this. Its not that I’m going to shift courses? After my recent experience during our College registration? Sheesh. Registering for you respective college was already a hassle. But shifting to another college, and then doing the same thing I had undergone yesterday? No, thank you.

Okay, segway.

I took up the pleasure of answering the Problem Sets in the Raymond Chang book. It was a difficult task though, starting with basic topics on conversion and classification of matter, but of course, it was vital to higher concepts. As I enjoyed playing Badminton with my former team mates in the morning, I sit down, answer quietly with my calculator and handy periodic table, the problem sets in the evening.

Since a lot of my friends (as well as my dean’s lister “kuya” and my Gen Chemistry 1 professor) kept emphasizing the grave importance of Chem 110 to my next Chemistry subjects, I felt pressured to study those topics that I was not able to keep up when we took Chem 11 last semester. I tried going back to the factor-label problems that Professor Labaclado gave us, and kept visualizing the Molecular Geometry of molecules, the ones that gave me a pain in the neck in the Finals.

Depsite the busy schedule I am foreseeing this November, I am so much happy about my schedule for 2nd Semester. We wouldnt be having classes every Wednesdays and Saturdays. And General Chemistry 2 is not a one-shot lecture anymore. (Last sem, it was a stuggle to keep myself awake at times every Chem lecture. Sixth Floor Gusaling Lacson+ 1:00 PM + Heat wave+ stress going up+ complex chemistry *just joking* = fatigue to the bones) And the dismissals are early (except for Chemistry laboratory day of course) so I advised my mom that I could accompany her again for her dialysis [smiles]

Oh puhllleeease. I just hope I get to start November right. :)


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