Speaking Up

HAHAHA. I just wanted to share you guys what my mom showed me as we were going back home from Pateros.We were both laughing at the banner infront of Pateros Cemetery. I asked my mom if she wanted to accompany me to the Memorial Park where my grandparents are buried.

It was a long ride to the place, and for a long time, we had a morning spent together (my mom and I) since we usually go different ways every morning. So it wasnt just some sort of compliance with a tradition of visiting our departed loved ones every November 1st (come to think of it, it ain’t November 1 yet.)

When we got there, the usual scenery everytime we went there. Different food stalls are being placed near the gate of Garden of Memories. Tricycles and cars pass by a lot, and tents were built, for those who would stay there for the afternoon.

Its past ten o’clock when we got there. I sit down on the fresh cut grass, still with dew. Mom stays near the benches, since she finds it hard to sit on the ground. I was alone again. Infront of me, was a tombstone, with two names. ( yet, there are four people there) And as I lit two candles, I started to pray.

As I muttered my last graces, I heard someone across the lawn, talking to the tombstone. Yeah, I find it stupid. Its like ” Oh c’mon? Let the person rest, ayt? ”
The little kid was talking to the person in the tombstone was a male name ( maybe he’s father) and started talking about his experiences in his third grade in school. To some, they may find it absurd doing such, but a thought came to me as I see this little boy show his report card facing it to the flat, cold tombstone.

And because I am a bit inggitero myself, I tired doing it too. Yes, it did try to relieve me of the stress I am feeling, but in the back of my head, I know that no one is there to hear it but the living, and myself.

Yes. At times, we try to keep our feelings to ourselves, waiting for some so-called ‘right time’ to tell these.

Why can’t we just get the courage and speak up how we feel for the persons we love, and not when we’re infront of a deep hole, teary-eyed and regretting how we let the days passed without even getting to say how we feel.

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