Last Words.

Dear Chemistry

Yes, its me again. I have two days more to enjoy, or should I say, maximize my Semestral break. I didn’t notice how three weeks of sleeping, texting, reading, malling had gone by. Good thing, I started fixing my things that I will be needing for next week.

I totally got over the hangover that I cannot become a dean’s lister anymore, thanks to support from my friends and colleagues. Good thing they still do believe that I can get to maintain a good class standing and transfer to UP Diliman. I got 1.98 last semester, and I am targeting to get at least 1.75 this last semester so I can manage next school year.

I bought a new book! :) My very own Raymond Chang, Chemistry 10th Edition! An addition to the books that I am keeping in my shelf for present, and future use in my course.

You think, I can get through Chem 110? :/ As I’ve heard, the course is really HARRDDD. I mean, I can’t understand Chemical Equilibrium by myself. I need back up! :))

Oh, I just hope this semester goes well for me. Please, make things easier? I have Philo, and Trigonometry to hurdle~!

Yours truly, in the name of Chemistry.


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