Closure Point.

Everytime I am about to fall asleep, you would talk to me, and then, I open up myself to you like a sinner does when confessing to a priest. You knew me from head to toe. My fears, my joys, my tantrums.

But why this, then?

Whenever the hurt resurfaces, I cannot help but not blame you for what has happened to me. WHy you never ended such a ‘going good’ friendship for the sake of being ‘BETTER’. But, at the same time, I can’t help but admit that I have my own share of faults. I shouldn’t have pushed you into telling me what was really happening, in your point of view.

At times, I cannot help but just say ‘sorry’. But you recover so easily, since you’re oh so in love and busy with school work.

Hope the same thing goes for me also.

No one can compare to what we used to have. And I can never find a person who gave importance to me like what you had for me (even if you barely showed it).

Nowadays, I’m thankful that I get to stopy myself from frequently checking up on your profile, or texting you on your phone. And I’m glad you are as busy as I am. At least there is a less-hurting reason for us to fall apart. Now I’m ready to just keep a distance for you.

Something I should’ve done a long time ago.


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