A Roundup for 2010 :)

I have been consulting my Planner for the things that were significant to my 2010, from January, to November :) I think this is the first time that I kept record of the things that I do, since most of the time, I just recall things from my memory :)

Oh, just read on.

*it was a fresh start, to my old scars
*This time of the year was the most awaited by the MandSci students! the UPCAT and ACET results!

ACET: oh bummer. I was waitlisted for the B.S. Health Sciences program
UPCAT: oh right! I passed for the B.S. Nutrition program in UPLB!
*I made my longest, solo road trip ever, all the way to Baguio City for an overnight stay for the SLU-CEE exam.
*I passed my St. Louis University Exam! :) I chose B.S. Medical Laboratory Science, and I was in the Top 100!

and I took up my PLMAT. (bitter? :)

*Feb 14 was Single Awareness Day :)
*My group’s thesis was nearly a disaster. Good thing, I was able to pull the strings make it look okay :) We we saved!

MARCH 2010
*It was my most tearful month
*Where would you see a JS Promenade at March? :-/
*The most memorable day of my life, March 22,2010. in my Green toga :)
*I was going to enroll at PLM.

APRIL 2010
*Gradeschool friends from Pasig invited me to go to Eastwood for a Batch 2006 Reunion! :) I did feel a bit out of place, since I really didnt graduate at Pasig. But reconnecting with friends was the best thing that day!

MAY 2010
*Summer is almost ending.
*I usually went back to PLM to enroll. I still cried over my slot at UP os Banos, and I only hoped that it would turn out well in PLM.

JUNE 2010
*It was a big welcome, to College Life.
*I didn’t expect to see all my blockmates at the orientation. DUHH. 3 COLLEGES. 17 blockmates?
*My Birthday was the best! :) 6 people went to my house, yet we really had fun :) then mom and I went to Baguio then next day :)

JULY 2010
*During this month, I was stressed most of the time.
*I joined the inter freshman Statstruck2010. I am proud that I got to the top 10, without really reviewing :))

*I passes all my Midterm Exams, except PolGov.
*I became addicted with my Formspring and Twitter account.
*I deleted my Friendster account. :(
*Four months, and still no uniform and ID.

*I was active at the CLA contests, but I failed both. :(
*General Chemistry I started to get a bit confusing for me.
*I became active with the activities, and meeting peers at ChemSoc

*Finals Month! :)
*As I blogged about it, I felt bad about my performance during the First Semester.

*We finally had a shiftee, Leoni-Lou Jizmundo from BS Math I-1 :)
*We are glad to have a new airconditioned room, GA 304 :D
*I promised myself to take the challenge this semester.

*Chem110 started to get.. oh nevermind
*Its been a Year since that Simbang Gabi tragedy.
*I started writing my year ender :D


Author: Josh Jimenez

A 24 year old Pharmacy student from Manila, Philippines He enjoys drinking Chamomile Tea, with Clean Bandit Tracks on deck, while reading his books, or jotting up notes for his next blog post.

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