A Roundup for 2010 :)

I have been consulting my Planner for the things that were significant to my 2010, from January, to November :) I think this is the first time that I kept record of the things that I do, since most of the time, I just recall things from my memory :)

Oh, just read on.

*it was a fresh start, to my old scars
*This time of the year was the most awaited by the MandSci students! the UPCAT and ACET results!

ACET: oh bummer. I was waitlisted for the B.S. Health Sciences program
UPCAT: oh right! I passed for the B.S. Nutrition program in UPLB!
*I made my longest, solo road trip ever, all the way to Baguio City for an overnight stay for the SLU-CEE exam.
*I passed my St. Louis University Exam! :) I chose B.S. Medical Laboratory Science, and I was in the Top 100!

and I took up my PLMAT. (bitter? :)

*Feb 14 was Single Awareness Day :)
*My group’s thesis was nearly a disaster. Good thing, I was able to pull the strings make it look okay :) We we saved!

MARCH 2010
*It was my most tearful month
*Where would you see a JS Promenade at March? :-/
*The most memorable day of my life, March 22,2010. in my Green toga :)
*I was going to enroll at PLM.

APRIL 2010
*Gradeschool friends from Pasig invited me to go to Eastwood for a Batch 2006 Reunion! :) I did feel a bit out of place, since I really didnt graduate at Pasig. But reconnecting with friends was the best thing that day!

MAY 2010
*Summer is almost ending.
*I usually went back to PLM to enroll. I still cried over my slot at UP os Banos, and I only hoped that it would turn out well in PLM.

JUNE 2010
*It was a big welcome, to College Life.
*I didn’t expect to see all my blockmates at the orientation. DUHH. 3 COLLEGES. 17 blockmates?
*My Birthday was the best! :) 6 people went to my house, yet we really had fun :) then mom and I went to Baguio then next day :)

JULY 2010
*During this month, I was stressed most of the time.
*I joined the inter freshman Statstruck2010. I am proud that I got to the top 10, without really reviewing :))

*I passes all my Midterm Exams, except PolGov.
*I became addicted with my Formspring and Twitter account.
*I deleted my Friendster account. :(
*Four months, and still no uniform and ID.

*I was active at the CLA contests, but I failed both. :(
*General Chemistry I started to get a bit confusing for me.
*I became active with the activities, and meeting peers at ChemSoc

*Finals Month! :)
*As I blogged about it, I felt bad about my performance during the First Semester.

*We finally had a shiftee, Leoni-Lou Jizmundo from BS Math I-1 :)
*We are glad to have a new airconditioned room, GA 304 :D
*I promised myself to take the challenge this semester.

*Chem110 started to get.. oh nevermind
*Its been a Year since that Simbang Gabi tragedy.
*I started writing my year ender :D

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