Livin’ the Life for 2011

Yes. I chose to experience things thet hard way. And, as some may find doing the hard way the more promising choice, I ended up wasting some of the worthwhile time I was saving up for myself and that ‘someone’ I have been hoping that would complete me.

I saw myself, as I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey through three different countries, like in Eat, Pray, Love. Though I didnt have to roam around, eating, meditating, or sitting with a Guru to attempt to find balance in me. Sure enough, I thought I can save myself the effort by staying here, and concentrate on what is important to me.

It’s my first Christmas outside the pillars of a school. No more of the classroom parties, exchange gifts, group activities like what I had back at CMSHS. For a time, I felt a bit sad. But, all I can do is to just take a glimpse from them, and go on :)


2010 was a somehow, memorable year. I had reconnected to a lot of friends, from Grade school, to high school, and I met a lot of friends this year.

As always, I never forget to thanks these people in my life. To Erron Lanante, Reuel Ferrer II, Francheska Milo, and Abba Moreno, thank you so much! I may not get to talk to you guys much these past weeks, pero thanks guys! Whenever they catch me online, I can always lend both my big ears for them. LOLjk.

And despite being the emotional chemistry dweeb that I proclaim myself, I am still CMSHS’s best shuttler! (another self-proclamation). To my colleagues at the court, Martin Encabo, Miguel Reyes, Benedict Requejo, CMSHS Varsity Team, and Christian Medina, thanks guys! Let’s keep playin til 2012! (if its true. haha)

To gradeschool friends who kept in touch through the years, Kristel Saqueton, Jake Mores, Abner Belmonte, Peter Leis, Jonah Ray Valdez, Jan Lelene Garcia, Alec Alim and the others! I hope to see you soon :)

To high school friends Diana Penaojas, Rachele Jacobe, Claudine Llarinas, Emmanuel Santos, Bruce Cunanan, Rhea Espliguez, and Margust Ching, thank you ha? Despite our conflicting schedules, we still get to get together, like old times :) And sa IV CARBON! Miss you guys!

My blockmates at PLM! BS Chemistry I-1 ! let’s keep it up Chem! :D 6 months and counting! Goodluck on our Long exam, and for the Midterms!

To the three girls I always get to rub elbows with at PLM: Joyline Canlas, Paula Marin and Algiline Aboy. How will I not miss you? Every Thursday or Friday nakikita ko kayo? XD

To our Big Bro’s and Sis’ at CS :D To Ate Jogene Carlos, Ate Joan Miranda, Ate Ezzelle Coching, Ate Kim Gabinete, Kuya Cis dela Rosa and Kuya Rob Nuguid thank you also. Seeing them having fun despite the stresses of our course makes me think that my burdens now, wouldnt be the last of it. :)))

To my aunts and cousins who always support me and my mom :)
and to my best friends Carlo and Grace, for our third year together as friends!

May we end this year with a bang! And let us all look forward to a promising 2011 ^^

God Bless us all!
Joshua Jimenez

**please. this ain't a suicide letter.*


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