The Clock is Ticking

March 5, 2011.

After a very stressful, yet promising first week of March I can say that me and my blockmates are elated, due to the fact that we were able to surpass the inevitable hurdles prior to our Finals week, in two weeks time. We had so many things undone, now we are all able to breathe easily– for now.

Our class blockhead, Cesar had so many things to do, and because I was the vice president, I had to assist him in the things he wasn’t able to do. I was assigned with the room endorsement letter for our debate venue weeks ago. Honestly, I was overpowered by my procrastination virus (was always), and I had to rush to make an endorsement because our defense was on Friday.

As everyone in the class is in the rush, our subjects seemed to be ‘chasing’ us! :| my Math and Chemistry subjects had bulky topics each meeting, and we were trying to keep up with it, along with preparing for our defense in the baby thesis that we made by pair, and composing the opening speech for our Asian Parliamentary debate (I was assinged to be the Prime Minister) and the POIs we had to give out.

The next few days came in swiftly, so fast that I can’t really recall much of it. Haha.
I can only recall the things we did yesterday.

I and my term paper partner were the first ones to present our terminal paper for the second batch. Since our professor has been ‘ever supportive’ over our term paper, it was not surprising that she cut us off very early to give way for other presenters. When I got to my seat, I became frantic over my opening speech,and our groups stand on the debate.

‘This house believes that the Church and the State be united’

I wasn’t that prepared, or maybe if I was, I would be so disoriented because I had no sleep the night before. After all the presenters were finished, we all got to our formal attires and when to the venue for the debate.

As usual, we were very cameraphilic. We had group pictures, solo pictures, wacky pictures, stolen pictures during the preparation. It was okay since, it did help release the tension. But it did not stop me from making my last minute preparations.

Skipping the debate part, I’ll just go to the conclusion.
We lost. I mean, by substance. Our adjudicators were split in decision, but the Opposition side made a good effort to point out POIs. And us? Nevermind.

7:00 to 8:30 – Oral Term Paper Defense
8:30-1:00 – Debate

1:00 onwards – we had our last Chemistry lecture. Yes, the last topic Nuclear Chemistry and then introduction to Coordination Chemistry. Oh yeah. We were dismissed at around 5:30.
Very toxic indeed. Then, we still have classes next week! :| and finally, FINALS.



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