My Second Sem in Retrospect

As I shaded the last circle in my answer sheet, I became so thrilled! Its as if I cannot wait any longer! In fact, once I got my questionnaire and my booklet, I automatically started answering it.
And why not, it was my last Final exam, and it was our only exam that day. I was only able to skim through the pages of my Physical Science module. And now, I can finally take a rest from these lessons for awhile, coz Summer is here! So many plans to put into action, yet such a short time to do it. But despite all of these, I wanna share first, a glimpse of some of the highlights in my second semester in college:

General Chemistry II
Second major subject. It was a continuation of our General Chemistry I last semester. We discussed, well, a few topics like Solutions, Rate Kinetics,Chemical Equilibrium. Acids and Bases, Solubility Equilibria, Electrochemistry, Thermochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, and Coordination Chemistry. Sheesh.
It was the first time that I experienced a long exam ‘bombarded’ with problem solving and true or false concepts. It was fun, yet the hardships would test us so much, we think of shifting. (laughs) But, this afternoon we were informed that a lot of my blockmates ‘might’ take the removals for this subject. Fingers crossed.
If we found the Lecture part ‘challenging’ The Laboratory part was not as enjoying as we hoped it would be. :| She was a bit.. procrastinated, and we turned out to be more like that. Oh bummer.

College Day Mishap
I think most of my classmates know very well about this incident. In celebration of our College’s 8th anniversary, we hold the Mr. and Ms. College of Science. And from the very start, of choosing our representative, our block seemed to be in some kind of havoc.
Then, the ‘bills’ came in. :|

As always, the Samsung Corby incident is still a never ending issue in the block, after a semester of waiting. It looks like our ‘prodigal blockmate’ is not going to come back, afterall. I sigh because of this. Yet, I cannot help but feel disappointed because she never had the chance to catch up and reconcile with most of us.
Well, that is, for this semester. I very busy week for all of us, especially last Thursday. :|

Among all others, I’m just happy that we’ve gotten over this!


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