March 22, 2011

I can’t believe two semesters have already passed me by
Has it been that long, really? I just can’t tell.
Honestly, I looked so sickly then! And my eyebags were so big!
I had so many animosities around me.
I had a burdened heart.
And I had a shattered soul.

But now, after all those hardships, I can say I’ve done mourning over it.
Yet, I still look back and learn from my mistakes.

There were times that skinned my knees, and I kneel down seeing its scars.
I lament over it, shed tears for it, and
Then I stand up, and feel the ground underneath me.
When I scarred my knee, wasn’t it that it also felt the same?
Stomped, kicked, and driven on?
Yet it continues to serve its purpose?
That was when I realized, ‘I should serve my purpose too’.

I started out my journey, alone. But along the way, friends old and new came with me.
This time, I was sure that I would not leave out a single person behind.
Being an introvert caused me a few, you know?
From now on, I will try to refrain from being one.
Together, we faced each problem at all angles,
And as one, we turned out to be triumphant.

Before, I told myself I can handle a lot of things on my own.
But now, I am so indebted to these people who believed in me, for I also believed in them.

A year has passed, and my repressed memories of hurt are relived.
I tell myself I shall emancipate from it.
Months flew by, and here I am still.
My friends walk along with me.
I have my heart, ready to share to others.
A content soul
And He who guided me to get here.

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