Finally! First year college is over. Done are the days of first impressions, out-of-place in the University Foundation Day, NSTP, and (a few) General Education subjects. Sure enough, we still have 2 months to go before we finally say hello to Sophomore Life, next semester!

While most of my friends will be enjoying out of town, or at the beach, I’ll be pursuing my own list of activities this summer of 2011:

1. I don’t really think I would get the chance to go out much during the summer. First of all, I have this crazy goal to get fairer (laughs). I’ll be spending my early mornings jogging around Maysilo Circle in Mandaluyong or near Rizal Park in Manila, to burn out those cellulite that I stored the past few months. Honestly, I find my figure unappealing.

2. I still have the whole month of April to fix my transfer papers to the University of the Philippines. I planned to apply in UP Manila, Diliman and Los Banos. In UP Diliman, I think I can still transfer to either one of the three choices that I made: 1) BS Community Development (CSWCD) 2) B Physical Education (CHK) and 3) BS Geography (CSSP). Pretty far-off my current course, huh?

3. Summer time, is vacation time. NOT ONLY DOING HOUSEHOLD CHORES. FML/

4. I can start reading all those fiction books that I bought last semester! Now that they don’t have any kaagaw in attention anymore. And since I just created my very own Goodreads site so I can keep track with my book reading.

5. I have started with WordPress last September. Now that we have no classes, I can start fixing this blog of mine.

6. CHEMISTRY. Since the idea of ever getting into UP is still an enigma to me, I am still reviewing my major subjects for next semester — Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Its kinda fun, really. I’m still into naming those long structures, and balancing electrochemical equations.




    • sijoshjimenez says:

      thanks. :) i’m not sure yet, since I will be submitting my application this April 20th. But, I am hoping to get admitted into Community Development :)

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