Just the Curious Type

My first English-Tagalog (EngLog) blog here in WordPress. And this time, I am able to express much of what I want to say, with regards to a topic sa journal ko na paulit-ulit na lang lagi ang edit ko. Hope I achieve whatever this crap wants to speak out for.

Hindi ako email. Ayoko ng attachments. (laughs)

Ever since I was in grade school, I felt like I was some kind of item when it comes to girls. Hindi naman kasi ako siguro yung ‘bad boy’ type, at lalong hindi naman din ako iyung tipong pang-Sakristan. Pero madalas, may mga pagkakataon na, kahit sabihin ng iba eh mayabang ako, lapitin ako ng babae.

Back in my youngster days, very timid ako when it comes to having friends. Most of the time, naaalala ko, hindi naman ako lumalabas ng classroom nung nasa Headstart pa ako. Kapag kinausap ako, sasagot ako. Kung mapasarap ng kwentuhan, edi masaya. My characteristics where so far off from my usual antics ngayon.

I  studied noon sa Headstart sa Mandaluyong, when my late Tito Lino used to be the barangay captain sa Mandaluyong. I don’t recall much of my time there, maliban na lang sa lagi akong may baon na sun-glo na tetra pack, kinukuha ko sa opisina niya (Tito Lino) bago ako pumunta sa headstart and another thing.

There was this instance when, I think, I was playing with hell-knows-who ( I don’t recall names then) and there was this swarm of girls that were pulling me. (Did I do something wrong or kasi gwapo  / naglalaro ako) I don’t know what happened next, but I can clearly recall my cousins and my aunts laughing about it. FML.

Another thing: Even before the so overrated McDonald’s commercial, (the kids and the Fries TVC?) I already have my first-grade ‘girl-friend’. =)) She was my classmate during first grade, and we were seat mates then. I think that was the first time I had a giddy feeling inside. She and I wrote letters to each other on our First Grade pads. (Hindi kasi uso sakin ang stationary noon.) and that, I think, was the first time that I confessed that I liked her and if we can be a couple, hindi naman sa makapal mukha ko, confident lang talaga. hahaha. and there you go. Holding-hands-while-walking pa si nene and dudung.

Kasamaan kasi ng pagiging grade conscious ko, I’d rather rape my books over and over again than have someone as provoking as Maria Ozawa to rape over and over in my head, as a classmate. And back in the days, girls were  really more of the studious type (unlike most girls now, na mas malandi pa sa akin. Sheesh) and I liked hanging out with them in the library,etc.

There was this other experience, that I think not much of my friend know about (ewan ko na lang kung babasahin nila) but it was about my grade school crush named, uhm, she-who-must-not-be-named na nga lang. (no originality noh) We were close friends during grade school, and there was a time, that I had “tendencies” over her. I only got the courage to tell her how I really felt nung Junior year, but, as lame as it is, I felt it was too late and I gave up on it. Oh how I thought, ‘baka sakaling matapos na ang tendencies ko’.

That’s why I never ended up having someone to be with. Choosy kasi ang lola mo, yun lang yun.  Kaya kahit ngayon college days ko, I would try to persuade my ‘provoking’ female friends that, forcing me to kiss them just wont make me ‘stiffen’ up. Whatever it is, or if there is anything to stiffen. LOL.

Besides, being curious just makes me more bitchy, like Santana. Well, err, in a more fashionable and unique way.


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