Its Chemistry Through and Through

Whatever happens, it’ll be Chemistry until I graduate.

Now that I have my options narrowed down and has closed the possibility of transferring to UP (or to any of its units) during my undergraduate years, I shall take this as an opportunity for me to motivate myself so I can study harder next semester in PLM.

Next Semester. OMG. I’m really a Sophomore now! I can’t believe it( no, honestly, I just can’t get over it yet.) It was really an achievement for me, having able to pass General Chemistry 2, and getting through one of the P-L-M Math Terrors (Professor Macasieb). Since I was able to pass my General Chemistry II, I can now take up my next two major subjects this June — Analytical Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry I.

Analytical Chemistry will be a totally new thing to me, but I’m really looking forward to learn Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. As for Organic Chemistry I, I already have some sort of (whaat? ‘Some sort of’? ) background on this back in High School (Thanks to Mr. Chris P. Patron for this) because we took up nomenclature back in Senior Year.

But, not only are those two subjects the center of rumors and gossip among our block last Monday. We will be having Math Analysis I, a 5 hour subject that reintroduced ‘hell in school’ will keep us busy. :)

One thing is for sure next semester for me. Chem 111, Chem 113 and Math 113 will be dealt accordingly. WTF!

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