Happy Birthday SiJoshJimenez!

No wise man ever wished to be younger.

– Jonathan Smith

On a stormy night eighteen years ago, around midnight, my mother was resting after a midnight snack. When she felt her water bag burst, she was rushed to the delivery room and was immediately attended by Doctor Jade Gato, a resident attending physician at the Philippine General Hospital. 5 hours later, A bouncing BABY BOY. Err. Baby Girl.. UGH. Whatever! Weighing 8.7lbs, 24 inches in length, was born.

The miracle baby, as he would be later known at the hospital, happens to be me. (SHIT. Angas natin, dre!) Our case (my mom and I) was the first successful management of GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus) in PGH. Whatever that is, I did not bother to find out. HAHA. They would later track down my mom for post operating natal procedure.(To dumb it down, its a check up.)

I grew up a very fun-loving, (and a bit chubby) kid, living in 17 different places (up to my recent house). At an early age, my Dad taught me how to write legibly (with seemingly good results) and my mom taught me how to read the broadsheet. (oh yeah, in English.) Life seemed so happy then, for me.

Years passed, from Grade School to High School. From the cheerful kid I was once, I became flamboyant, laid-back and a bit emotional.During that time, I felt so bad about myself. From the optimist that I was before, I turned into some sort of weirdo that resulted in a misconception of what was happening with me. I learned how to shed a tear, wipe it off, and look forward.

After 4 years of painstaking procrastination, late night chatting and facebooking, racking my brains on texting and sleeping while studying, I was able to finish high school. Yay! I was able to choose what course I wanna take up, without being forced on one (But not on the University I was hoping to enter. Bitter much)

But, nevertheless, I was able to enjoy my first year in College with my colleagues in Chemistry. :)

Now, I’m another year older.
Finally, I can do a lot of things, which I wasn’t able to do back then, like read FHM. (just joking), maybe I can get a driver’s license now. HAHA. Finally, I can buy light alcohol! But most importantly, I am now one notch up, from what I was before.

To my all of my friends, who were able to greet me over the phone, through text, and through facebook (even if I hid my birthday there), Thank you so much! :)

To Grace Tan, who was the first person who greeted me this morning, I’m sorry.
And thank you for the gift you said you were going to give me, even if we still have some issues. :)

To PLM BS Chemistry II-1, and the PLM Chemical Society Officers, Thank you so much!

Who knew we were able to grab her to have a picture with us? LOL

And, to my one of a kind mom, Engr. Honorina R. Mariano (oh gaaaahd she will so love seeing her name without my surname. LOLjk) for being such a great mom, and proxy dad, my best friend, my worst enemy, my lola, my ka-trip all those years that I was growing up. Mom, I’m looking forward to another dozen. :]

Who says I can’t celebrate my debut on the 18th? :D

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