Sophie First Sem Chronicles Part 1

My start of this school year, was marked by  some cut down in our class number, from last semester’s 20 regular students, down to 15 regulars, and 2 shifters.

Other than that, well, we had our taste (bittersweet, for some of us) of our 2 major Chemistry subjects this semester — Analytical Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry I. Not to mention our dreadful Math Analysis I subject with Prof. JRM, (Our Math 12 nightmare) and this new policy from the Physical Science Department, which was the most talked about word the whole semester.

Comprehensive Examinations otherwise known as compre.

Actually, here are the top 10 words/ topics that we never got tired of discussing the whole semester (Well, in my opinion. :) )

1. Compre – Comprehensive examination.

2. Math Ana – Math 113, or Math Analysis I.

3.  Justin and Toner – Let’s just say they’re our favorite love team this semester. Weird, but cheesy. Really made our Friday afternoons worthwhile, right guys? :)

4. OrgChem – Totally made an impression to all the students, ( if not, most.) in the block.

5. **m* – For the sake of my classmate, Hera. I loathe this guy. Never have I seen such effort to put his name in almost any song. :))  Hopefully, the next time, she can sing it out loud infront of him. HAHAHA.

6. McMurry and Solomons – Such great resources for problem set questions. And for cram reviews on Exams.

7. Hargis – The first Analytical Chemistry book suggested. Total pain in the ass to look for in Recto, but it has proven to be of good use in studying. :)

8. Uripon – Became a fad in calling one of our classmates, due to its funny yet, assertive sound when spoken.

9. Indole – also known as 2,3-Benzopyrrole. It occurs naturally in human feces and has an intense fecal odor. but has this very flowery smell at low concentrations. Used widely in instances when we smell something so awful, then overgeneralized it into something due to the presence of indole.

10. Jennifer – Really? Yeah. As in every after our laboratory experiments, we would reenact Munting Heredera in the Lab and total comedy follows.

To be continued.


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