Letters to n

Why Letters to N?

Well. In Mathematics the italic form (n) is the common symbol for a variable quantity, especially one which represents an integer. I know it really doesn’t make much sense. Maybe I just ran out of ideas on what to entitle it with. Or maybe, (just maybe) it may resemble something else.

Not like my lame excuse for using a symbol on my most dreaded subject.


Well, here goes.


Dear n,

I never really liked writing letters. Writing poems for the mushy ones were more of my type. Maybe, once you start reading this on my blog, I would be so glad that you did. Well, I would assume that you found my link on the tweet about this, and you bothered looking at it since you asked me before if you can read a letter that I made to myself.

You know, we’ll be friends for almost a year already. I think it was just after Christmas when I added you up. And I never really had a good conversation with you for months, since that day.

Honestly, I never did notice you from back then. I would tease you around, post comments at your photos, or to make it simple, I just saw you as a very nice person. Its surprising how things changed. But, things do make me feel so complicated. I don’t know how sure I am with these giddy feelings that I have for you. :/ I know I really sound weird, but I do like you. I’ve given hints most of the time, but I’m not sure if you really know about it already, but when you told me that maybe I should be better off friends with that person I’m liking, maybe your status was right.

I just can’t prove that you need someone to be with for now.

But one thing’s for sure. If I was able to wait for years on someone who I never got to be with, what would be another n years to be with you? :) (But please, dont? Haha)



And there you have it!



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