Prom Night Part II

The clock struck 6, and the people were all swaying with their partners towards the dance hall. The boys, holding  the girls’ hands, dance gracefully to the tempo of the music.

James was almost late for his batch to dance in the procession. Paul winked and raised his thumb, signalling him that he was just in time for the entrance. He saw him hold hands with his partner, a long time crush since Sophomore year, Lalaine.

He feels the jitters while waiting. Was it because of the dance? Of course it ain’t because of Paul and Lalaine! Right now, he’s just not sure, and pretends that its nothing.

“Let’s get this over with,” he whispered to himself.

As the music turned to the sound of ________, he glided with his partner, and best friends Natalie along the hall. Everyone was amazed with how they danced. They’ve never seem James dance like that before. He was smiling, and his feet were like skating through a smooth sheet of ice. All of the students were in awe, and even Paul was left jaw-dropped while watching James and Natalie own the dance floor.

He never told me he could dance that well? Wow. He’s just amazing tonight.


As they exited the middle of the hall, there was this flushed look in his cheeks that he can’t deny not having. “I told ‘ya we can pull this of, Cherie. And look at his face when he saw you dance tonight! You were fabulous James! They all loved you!”

“Gosh. I don’t wanna see them staring at me like this. Ugh. Maybe I’ll get some drinks first.”

He got up, and went straight to the table. He was surprised seeing Paul with his date, so he backed up, and started ____ to his table.

“Hey, James! Are you in a hurry?” said Paul, while approaching him, as Lalaine was talking to her friends.

“Oh, me? Naah. Of course, not. Are you enjoying tonight?”

“Yeah, sure. I guess. You never told me you can dance so well!,” said Paul, as he handed over a glass of Mango juice to James. “Mango juice, just as you liked it.”

“Why, thank you. If you only knew who I really wanted to dance with.” His last words were almost like a whisper, barely enough for Paul not to hear.

“Come again? The music was too loud, and I didn’t hear what you just said.”

“Oh, nothing. I said it was just a hidden talent I never knew I had! Come on, let’s go back.”

“If you say so. But I do know you said something else. I was right! Right? Haha” said Paul, as he messed James hair, and laughed as he went back to his table.

He was about to fix his hair, but thought, why bother? and smiled as he went back to his place as well.

“Oh please, not something like this tonight?”


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