Adieu 2011

My friends back in PLM know me well for making a trend in using planners. I’ve been using this MyNavi2011 planner, which not only became a useful note-tracker for me, but also a scribble pad when I happen to think of a new poetry stanza, or if there is this notable hashtag that I wanna remind myself of. I really loved writing on my planner a lot, and unlike other people using planners, who usually throw their planners after a year’s use, I on the other hand keep my used planner, as it not only serves as a planner, but much more of a daily journal as well.

That’s why this December, I was very gleeful to being able to get my very own Starbucks Planner. (And, I want to thank by the way, all the people who took part in helping me get my planner, whether may it be by donating stickers, or going to Starbucks with me on a nice afternoon.) I sure am having fun with it! And, if by any chance we meet, I won’t think twice of showing them what I’ve made of my Oak Starbucks Planner.

Just last night, I got my 2011 planner, and took a brief preview of how I spent (or wasted, I don’t know.) my 2011. And I came to realize, I sure did spend my 2011 great! I made new friends, I’ve been to new places, shed tears to both joyous and sad moments, felt love from someone I thought was special, and lost it (again), felt the need to grow, and made it through so much. And right now, I just can’t be any more thankful for all the joyous memories I have for this year.

But this year, I want things to be a little different. Unlike the past New Year’s Eve that I thanked like almost every friend, and mentioned them on my “Livin’ the Life for 2011” blog, I wanted to dedicate this post, to the total opposites of whom I usually thank. Maybe it was all because of a quote I once read, which came from Irish Poet and Writer, Oscar Wilde:


Always forgive your enemies — nothing annoys them so much

I remembered, back when I was in PLM during the first Semester, and I had my Library Card renewed, one of the Library Employees commented on my apparently good looks (SERYOSO! GWAPO DAW?!) and asked me, from which college I belonged to. I told her, I belonged to the College of Science, but with the tone I spoke, she giggled and said to her friends. “Wow, scientist pala! Kaya lang..sayang.. lambutin.” But despite the discouragement, I continued on with my degree (and still am!) and prove that my preference won’t have to do anything with being a scientist. If it wasn’t because of her, maybe I would have let myself be discouraged with my Calculus subject. I took her words in to heart, and make it motivate me to excel my field.

To the ones who never believed that I can get over him, well think again. Actually, I never thought I would be so happy when I saw the two of them this week, at a debut.Sure, it was a bit awkward at first, but it never did last.And I am pretty sure I didn’t say I would give up on loving him as a friend, despite the year’s gap. No use to patching up things, I guess. But just in case they ever try to strike a conversation with me, I would be very glad to do so.

To the ones whom I shared my heart, my efforts and the side of me that I always thought, to be something I can only share to the person for me, thank you. For the happy moments greatly shared and enjoyed, the fun times, and the sad parts that came along.


And, to everyone I love. My mom, my relatives. Schoolmates, Twitter Friends, and all of you! I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May all of you have a bright 2012 ahead of you! :)


-Joshua M. Jimenez




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