One month has passed.

That one encounter with something I thought was love.

One sweet promise, that I hoped would not be broken.

But it turned out to be one painful experience to learn so much from.

December 31, 2012.

I lay in my sofa bed, two hours before everybody yells their lungs out to welcome the New Year. I close my eyes and imagine that lingering moment whenever I lay here, head towards the wall. I see him, facing me. Smiling. A month ago, it was a story I thought deemed to last longer than a wink of an eye. He was everything I thought I would never have (or so I thought). He laughs a lot, and smiled alot too. He would tell me he ain’t good-looking, but I would tell him it didn’t matter. Not to me. I was more to that, and I know he knows that very well. He was a bit teasing, and I knew how to play around. But sometimes, we just had to say ‘play times over.’

And I didn’t expect him to say that so early. I would ask myself, “Where did I go wrong?,” “Where did we go wrong?” I begged to make him stay, and asked if he would want to take things slowly. But when he asked for some space, I sure gave him lightyears of it. The hardest part was finding out how coquettish he was. The downcast feelings turned to a revengeful aura, each tear that fell was a curse to him.

And then, things dawned on me. He was just not right for me. Because of what I feel, I tried to write my own love story, and let Him do the proofreading. I guess I was wrong with that. He made all things happen in the right place, and at the right moment.

Ten minutes more, and its 12:00 AM on my clock. I lay in bed, the firecrackers get louder and louder into the night. Later, it will be another year. Another year that will challenge me, test me to my limits, and I will find happiness one day. Hopefully.