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Leaping through time and Drinking coke

He had a really bad day. No scratch that, a really shitty day.

He is now pissed beyond comparison. One, the professor that he loathes the most came to school early just when he is late. The last time he went to school early, the said professor was absent. Second, the same professor gave his project a minus just because he forgot to put the name of his section. He itched to punch his professor square in the face. Third, he saw his ex-girlfriend at the cafeteria; with her new boyfriend who happens to have the body of a model. What the fuck. Fourth, his friends once again made fun of his built.

“ANG LAKAS NG HANGIN! HAWAK KA! BAKA LIPARIN KA!” One of his friends joked as a strong gust of wind blew their papers away. They are at the field, doing their homeworks.

He glared at his friend…

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Summer Study Spree

This is a response to a friend of mine who asked me about how I can help, in their somehow ‘dire’ situation and how to deal with a major subject which I am also taking up.

My friend asked me if I can enumerate some way that I have personally experienced while studying the subject. Since the semester is almost ending, and the grades are out, my friend wants to take this Summer as a chance to rebound from the drastic last semester of the Sophomore Year. And, because this major subject was a prerequisite to two more higher Chemistry subjects, it needed to be taken seriously. I may not be that of a great Chemistry student (as I can see in my exams. Well, not like I flunk every exam?) these few tips have helped me get through most of my academic ordeals.

1. Telling yourself that its ‘over and done’

Classcards distribution are the hardest parts in every ending of a semester. But, when the professor shows your grades right after a very disturbing (and sometimes traumatic) Major Exam, and you have this feeling that things aren’t going to be okay (and somehow, it did turn out wrong), the only thing you can do is pray about it. And when the results are out, and you see that big digit on your classcard, no one can blame you for feeling bad. Why? Its either you never really exerted that much effort for it or you weren’t prepared what was coming and you went slacking the whole semester. But, look at the bright side? There is still a next semester to rebound on it. And this time, your new mantra will be I WILL SURVIVE. LOL  just joking. I WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

2. Go backreading. Not tweets. Notes.

I tried rereading all my Organic Chemistry I notes that semestral break before I transferred to Adamson. My first semester was a disaster because of it, and I didn’t want to look dumb when I answer Stereochemistry questions when I get to AdU. But, I didn’t just reread them. I rewrote them in a new notebook. On my experience, writing made a bigger impression on my memory, than just plain reading them.

3. An early date with your books is good.

If you’re really determined to refresh yourself in reading your past lessons, the first thing in the morning is the best way to go. You have an empty brain (Not really “that” empty) and reading or memorizing is best at the time. Think of it like your own brand of….. wait for it….. not heroin! Newspaper!

4. Reliving the past is great, with reviewers.

All those yellow ruled pad paper sheets of reviewers would be of great help! The reviewers usually have the most info that you have studied for an exam. The reason why you wrote them in a simplified way, is because that is how you managed to understand the notes, making them much more personal. Try reading it while scanning your books, and it can somehow clear up the gaps that came when you stopped reading them.

5. Never stress yourself out.

C’mon? Its Summertime! No use for nosebleed reviewing? Learn how to chill out, but not too much. You can relax between reading chapters so you don’t fall asleep. Or, do something to perk you up!

6. Colleagues know well.

Learn how to ask for help, from the right persons. Imagine, why would you ask insights on an upcoming subject from someone who failed the subject a couple of times? Ask the GCs, or your best buddy who knows a lot about the subject. They can give you a lot of help with it, and share to you what to expect from the course outline. Who knows, they might also lend you some old stuff like used lab manuals to read!

7. He knows BEST.

Panicking that you might not pass the failed subject? Or, fearing that things might go worse next school year? Let out your worries to Him. He has never failed you. And don’t come telling me ‘But I’ve always prayed! He never answers them!’ You might be asking for the wrong stuff, that’s why. :)