Guy in Waiting

It was a rainy Tuesday, today. Somehow, He heard someone’s prayers of cooling down Manila earlier. I barely had sleep today, since it took me awhile to finish my reviews on Sociology and Anthropology. It was a rather tough exam, but my love for the Social Sciences made up for it. It was 8:00 A.M, when I texted you, if wanted to meet up for breakfast. You happily agreed. Before I left, I found out that  the fast checking of papers revealed how my all nighter was a success.   It made me more ecstatic to meet you :) Days before that special day, amidst the stresses of school, we catch up on one another.

But there were a few glitches, when you called me. You were going to be away for a two nights, and it took you awhile to pack up your stuff. You ask me if it was okay with you, running a little late than scheduled, as I tell you ‘Its okay. Madalas naman ako nalalate kapag nagkikita tayo.’ And, I sat down, wrote a few pages while waiting you come.

You came through the door, with a bag on your shoulders, and a plastic bag with your clothes. I gave you your favorite cinnamon roll :) And we ate, and chat a little. I was thinking a lot, and you did too. The stresses of this last two weeks of school, and your defense is getting on to you. I can’t do anything but be a moral supporter, nothing more.

How I can’t wait for Summer! I can’t wait to see you smiling again, without so much worries. Without the sleepless nights, even for two months.. like how I can hold your hand, and you not being worried been seen me holding it. How I can finally be that person I have hope to be for you.

But all those would have to wait for now. For a true love always wait. :)