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Leaping through time and Drinking coke

He had a really bad day. No scratch that, a really shitty day.

He is now pissed beyond comparison. One, the professor that he loathes the most came to school early just when he is late. The last time he went to school early, the said professor was absent. Second, the same professor gave his project a minus just because he forgot to put the name of his section. He itched to punch his professor square in the face. Third, he saw his ex-girlfriend at the cafeteria; with her new boyfriend who happens to have the body of a model. What the fuck. Fourth, his friends once again made fun of his built.

“ANG LAKAS NG HANGIN! HAWAK KA! BAKA LIPARIN KA!” One of his friends joked as a strong gust of wind blew their papers away. They are at the field, doing their homeworks.

He glared at his friend…

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