The Hiatus

Has it only been a week since he’s been home? I feel like its been more than that. As time slowly passes by, our longing grows even more. A week spent together when he came home here somehow lightened each other’s mood, but the thought of being separated for almost the remaining weeks of summer, made the sunny smiles a bit dimmer than the usual.

Has it only been last 17th, since I waved goodbye? It was a hot Tuesday morning, when I accompanied to the bus station? A backpack, and a tote bag full of his belongings, and a shy smile from my face, as he asks “Uy, baka nabibigatan ka sa bag ah?” (Hey, you might be finding the bag heavy?) But, trying to be the gentleman and a good friend as I am, I just laughed at the thought of the heavy luggage I was holding on my left hand, and secretly slid in a small pouch with a letter on it, on the pocket of his tote bag.

Uy, sayo muna yung Percy Jackson na 1-3 ha? Hindi na kasi kasya sa bag yung Battle at yung Last Olympian kaya hindi ko na nabigay? Hehehe. Tignan mo nalang din yung letter diyan!” 

(Hey, can you have the Percy Jackson books 1-3, for awhile?  The Battle of the Labyrinth and the Last Olympian wont fit inside the bag anymore, so I wasn’t able to give it to you? Hehehe. Check the letter I have there as well!)

We always give each other Farewell Letters, whenever I escort him to the bus station. Some may find it silly, but its kinda  something that we give to each other, like a token, whenever we’re apart for awhile.

As we dropped of the jeep, I saw him smile at me, nudged my side, and the mood lightened up a bit. I was cheerful again. if I could only make him stop, and leave for another day? No, I can’t, I said to myself, coz we would have to find time apart from each other. So as he alights the bus, and sits down on a seat near the window, I wave at him one last time, as I see him utter ‘I Love You’ behind the glass window.

A month would pass by,before he goes back here. The physical meeting wont be there,  but the chats and the calls won’t stop. I wonder, “Was I just overreacting without having him around?” “Would he feel the same if I ever leave for New Jersey?” But right now, all I know is that the usual afternoons we shared, wouldn’t be so special without him around to enjoy it with. The Wednesday nights would be ever so lonely, and I miss him every single day.

A day would come, and he’s sure to come back. And when that day comes, I’d running towards him, and I’ll never let go.