First of May.

It was an unusual for me to go out beyond 10:30, but as requested by my mother to have our jeepney’s papers to be photocopied, despite my phobia of going out late at night (I’ve been having this since that night I was mugged at stabbed at my side at Mendiola), I went out, searching for an open Internet Shop with a photocopier.

I walked alongside Gen. Kalentong, looking for a photocopier machine, but to no avail. So I decided to ride a Boni – Pinatubo jeep, just in case the Internet Shops near Rizal Tech U are still open. I hopped on to a jeep that drove past Puregold Kalentong, and I decided to ride at the passenger seat (again, to my utter paranoia since the accident happened at the passenger’s seat) The driver made a U-Turn from our side of the street, and drove along Rev. Aglipay Street. It was a cool evening, and as I look at my side, and the towering lamp posts, suddenly I began to turn my attention at this wallet that I found at the jeep’s dashboard.

It was a grey wallet, a trifold one, with the pocket for the coins on the visible side of the dashboard. There was no pull tab for the zipper, but the slider was still there. It was a Bench wallet, with the ’87 print on the front part. And the weird thing, why I was able to describe it that well, was it’s because it was my long lost wallet.

(A little background on the wallet) It was a wallet that I bought, right after I transferred to Adamson University, along with the grey/black bonnet that I love so much. I accidentally misplaced the wallet and all of its contents: my Laking National Bookstore Card, my Technika 2 and 3 cards, my ATM card, one wallet-sized graduation picture, and 800 pesos, last Christmas, as I alighted a jeep to Boni. I would tell my friends that I got mugged that day, just so that I can get away with being scolded as clumsy (in which I really am)

I asked the driver politely, to whom the wallet belonged to. I told him that I lost a similar looking (siyempre pa-drama muna) wallet on a Christmas Day, and I was hoping that maybe the wallet had an anonymous owner. But, as I would expect, he swiftly answered that it did not belong to anybody else, and I quickly dropped the topic.

It was a bit uneasy, looking at the wallet that I know was mine. I certainly know how the pull tab got broken, and that it really was my wallet. But, what I continued to observe, was not the wallet — I was now looking at the jeepney driver, who kept looking at the wallet as well, holding it from time to time, fixing the bills underneath the wallet. As if he’s “guarding” this simple object, and that I might push the topic again, and ask to see the contents.

I was fast approaching Barangka Drive, and my heart was somehow racing. I wanted to check if my gut feel was true about the wallet, but I had to get off the jeep already. Suddenly, a thought came to my head, and with a deep sigh, I dropped off near McDonald’s.

The wallet was in good hands. Seeing him that secured with his belongings, I know that it served a better purpose for him. Too bad, just after a long time, and when I had the chance to have the wallet back, it found a better owner to keep it from being lost.

Much more like with us, at times, we forsake the people that we hold dear. And in a split second, not knowingly, someone might be taking hold of that person, and just like when I saw that wallet, you might regret that after such a long time looking for him/her, you end up lost because somebody else is actually taking good care of the one you just lost.


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