Stepping Forward

I had so many dreams and ambitions when I was a kid. There was a time that I wanted to be a jet pilot, a doctor, a professor, and I even dreamed of being a priest! (laughs) Now that I get to take a look back, I realized that I wanted to do so much, but had so much little time to even finish one.

So I decided to dream BIG, and accomplish it. Fortunately, that dream was to be a chemist. Funny, as I scanned my yearbooks since Preparatory School to Secondary School, that I had written that I wanted to be a chemist when I grow up. And, take note. I don’t even know what a chemist does at 6! But, I watched a lot of Dexter’s Laboratory, and I wanted to be some cool kid wearing a white gown, and doing awesome stuffs.

I’ve had rough times, getting to that dream. And I still have! I’m halfway through getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, and after so many things, I’ve met great people along the way. People who had my back, those who never left my side, and those whom I’ve shared my laughs and my impossible dreams. And there are also those, not-so-good people who were around, lurking to discourage me and destroy my morale – those who never believed, those who spoke of me behind my back, those who limited my potentials.

I owe these people so much. And without these nagging people, I wouldn’t have so much motivation pumping me up to push my limits, and get here right now.


Another year in my life arrives. And as I grow older, and wiser in each year, I hope this brings me one more step closer to my dreams and be the person I want to be in the near future.


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