the unseen Voices.

one night, i woke and called you name
coz i felt okay whenever you came
but then i realized that nothing’s the same
for its been so long, and you’re far away

these pictures would always keep our smiles, to last
joyous mem’ries rushed in too fast
my tears fell again, had to wipe them past
the words wont fit, dismay, i cast.

look closer
this ain’t over
not now, not ever

When i close my eyes, its you I see
the person making me sing with glee
why cant it be just you and me?
why were we never meant to be?

one night i woke and called your name
had to be content, even if you never came
as i sigh and accept, that nothing’s the same
somehow, we were one.

yet you’re now far away

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