And Here’s to Me ( So Far, So Good)


Its almost a month since my last blog post. Nothing’s been easy, but I’ll defnitely manage.

It my latest photo, last Sunday when mom and I went to a restaurant at Malate, Manila. (She got a good shot, didn’t she? :) )

My First Semester has been a rocky road for me and my relationship. I almost burned down the bridges that eventually led me to where I am. (And with that, I wanna thank all of those who never left me. You know who you are, guys *wink*) Finally, I can have my full major subject load, and now considered an “irregular” block section student for CM 201.

And with this pic, may I assure all of my friends, and my followers that I am very thankful to have all of you around! I’ll try to get better. And continue on with this great journey we are all in – life.


I Say Goodbye

I say goodbye, to all the smiles
Our late night calls, and lullabies.
The nights will haunt me, as I cry
My dearest love, I say goodbye.

Farewell to every passing day
To our great love, as sunny May.
But now, the skies are shades of gray
And we both know: here we can’t stay.

Adieu to every single time,
We call sweet names; I call you ‘mine’.
The months have passed, each all worthwhile
Do promise me, you’ll stay as fine.

I say goodbye to all the smiles,
Forever seemed cut short in time.
I won’t forget this, by and by
To you my love, I say goodbye.