“For when a rose blooms
From the fiercest drought and storm
True love’s in full view.”
( Joshua Jimenez, ‘Haiku 7’)

The nights seemed much more happier for me, this time of the year. The cool winds blow early in the morning, and when the clock strikes in the afternoon, and the dark skies start to grow longer. The lone moon illuminates the dikeside, as I sit and gaze at the flowing waters of the Pasig River, contemplating on how things seemed to have moved. People came, and in a glimpse, they have left; like the water rapids of the river, flowing freely infront of me. The harder I tried to cling onto them, the more difficult it becomes to take a hold of them. And I end up disappointed.

I even came to the point of blaming myself for certain things, I was aware that I had no hold of. And even thinking that I might need to take a hiatus on relationships. But then, out of a blue, someone comes into the picture and changes everything.