Ever Thankful

This December, I actually mark my first of year of stay in the once Greek-run, but now Catholic learning istitution, otherwise known as Adamson University. I can vividly remember my bunch of ‘first time’ experiences at San Marcelino, starting from the first time that I actually prepared my own schedule (since I was a transferee, and the Online System was not ready at the time), and to climb up and down the stairs from the Cardinal Santos Building, walk past the Falcon Bridge, and look for possible schedules at the St. Therese Quadrangle. Also during that time, did I encounter that seemingly peculiar, yet amusing way on how fellow Adamsonians call each other: “classmate/klasmeyt” – may the other student be his/her fellow colleague, or from a different college, a senior batch, or a junior one.

Now, at times whenever I pass the the usual gates into the University, I feel much at ease, and I actually get to mingle with other students easier, unlike my first few weeks in Adamson. But, that wasn’t just the only thing I was very happy about, during my first year of stay in the University.

When I came to Adamson, I barely had friends. Barely, because I only had two high school batchmates who studied at AdU, both of whom are studying at the College of Engineering. But, being a Chemistry Major, and clearly a student from the College of Sciences, I barely see the two guys, so I roamed the University, and toured the halls and the different buildings alone. At first, I was a bit “conscious” tagging along my new orgmates, being the “new guy” and all, and feeling out of place most of the time. But eventually, I got to know each and everyone from the Organization, and the once “awkward” feelings I had, synthesized new bonds of friendship, not just with the freshmen, but also with my new blockmates at CM201, and also with the Juniors and the Seniors.

But despite the longing I still have for the now-Juniors, who are my blockmates before at PLM, I actually get to enjoy my stay here at Adamson – from actually participating with events like emceeing the Quiz Bee that we held last Semester, to playing Volleyball and some other games for OlymPACS, to having fun with my orgmates during our Christmas Party two weeks ago.

And with that, I do want to thank all my orgmates for sharing such a great time with them. I’m actually looking forward to the next event with them. Part two of our Party, perhaps? :) Happy Holidays, guys! :)