Page 366

Time flew by so fast. Was it just yesterday, when I met that person whom I considered the guy I would spend my days with, “In God’s Perfect Time”? I never knew a year has already passed – 366 days filled with precious memories both of the good and the bad. The loveliest times, and moments of tremendous heartaches. But then, fate opened its paths for both of us, and in the last Quarter of 2012 we finally said goodbye.

But, despite this big obstacle that came my way, all the people who truly cared for me during my ups and downs emerged, and yes, they were the ones I learned to cherish, for they never left me during the toughest times in my life, may it be because of schoolwork, or my family, or my relationships.

Friends, I cannot thank you well enough. My words would not be able to contain my feelings of gratitude for you all :’) We walked this road altogether, and I pray, we shall continue to walk hand-in-hand into this coming new year.

Happy 2013 Everyone!
– Joshua Jimenez