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The beginning of a New Year invites new beginnings. Not necessarily something completely new. For much in life remains unchanged: the same routine, the same problems, the same wrestling with conflicts within. Nevertheless, the New Year’s invitation is there with a slice of hamon Serrano and the uncorked bottle of sparkling champagne! “Happy New Year!” – as years have passed that have been less than happy! “A prosperous New Year!” – as years have passed that have been marked by want. “A blessed New Year!” – as years have passed with no consciousness of blessing from above.

“In the beginning was the Word…” (Jn 1:1). So, the first line of today’s Gospel. In the Church the invitation to new beginnings is welcomed with a reminder of the beginning. We don’t normally think about this beginning. How think what is before the creation of the world? How think what is before…

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