Always Second Best


It pains me to admit, that I envy you.

Not because you have led a happy life with somebody else; nor is it because you have the smiles of a person who is truly in love with someone. But because someone who I truly care about, has never broken the chains of bondage that he still links with you. The scars you have left, can never be erased. And the love that he yearns, that, I can never encompass.

For no matter how I try to lift his head up, it will always be your mere presence that makes him smile with joy and laugh with a ring I might never have the chance to hear. That despite my frequent texts, it has always been your messages that gives him the chills, and he admits, that it hurts him inside to have you turned down every single time.

That in his sleep, he is in my prayers every night. But you – whom we all know, is happy with somebody else, still kill him inside with the memories of you, that he might never be able to withdraw fully from his heart. And with every inch of effort that I try to put in, I just can’t figure out how I can get you out of his mind, and his weary heart.

Yes, I have to admit, that I admire you for being able to make him love you the way he loves you. And, I shall always be behind your shadow, and be the second best.

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