Its the time of the year again, when students proudly change their Facebook profile photos with their well-earned toga pictures, and when they begin posting stuff about how thankful they are with the four ( or sometimes more) years of studying. The time of the year when you go out on the streets and corsage vendors roam infront of school gates, and you see photographers taking pictures of students with their ever-proud parents beside them. Oh yes, no matter hard life has been inside the school, nothing can compare to the moments that each student will remember in their lifetimes, when they finish their studies and graduate from school.

To some, they just can’t wait to graduate – students who are so eager to head off to a new chapter in their lives. Others, find it difficult to say goodbye to friends who they may not see that often anymore – ones who would go on to different universities, studying different courses, and eventually meeting up not that frequent unlike when they were together inside the four corners of their Alma Mater.

And for people like me, well, its more of a complicated case too. Being delayed for a year, and with the uncertainty of a Chemistry Major’s life in AdU, I’m not sure anymore when it comes to my year of graduation. Maybe that’s why whenever my calendar strikes March, I feel all gloomy, whenever I remember how my classmate once said it: Gagraduate naman tayo eh. Hindi lang natin sure kung kailan (We’ll all graduate. We’re just not that sure when that’ll be)

I laugh it out, and shrug off the nostalgia. But whenever I hear my former colleagues talk about their Summer On-the-job training in the industry, I couldn’t help but sigh. But then again, my mom would tell me that I always had my choices, and she believed in them. Now, my self-motivation is that dream of actually getting to march at the PICC in 2 (or 3) years time, and actually get my Chemist’s License.

So for the meantime, I would just have to settle for that green-colored high school toga pic, for now. And despite my delayed status, I know I’ll get there. I will.

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