Ought to Please You (?)

To be truly positive in the eyes of some, you have to risk appearing negative in the eyes of others
– Criss Jami

I used to be a person, who had to deal with so much, just to try and make everyone happy. Often, I would tell others, that it actually makes me feel fulfilled to see the people I try to compromise with, go on with the choices they have made and be at peace with it. Sure enough, it made me more known to people, because I was more approachable and good-natured. And for a period of time, the notion about me got stuck.

But as the months turned to years, I saw no meaning to this, and made a realization that I should not try and appease everyone, as I was not imposed to do so. This has been proven true, especially in connection to my apparent preference as a Bisexual. It came to me that I should not try to please everything body, all for the sake of doing so.



Author: Josh Jimenez

A 24 year old Pharmacy student from Manila, Philippines He enjoys drinking Chamomile Tea, with Clean Bandit Tracks on deck, while reading his books, or jotting up notes for his next blog post.

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