A Much Closer Thing to Home




Today’s Prompt: City Planners


It has been almost eight years since we last lived in the City of Antipolo, in Rizal. For three years, Antipolo served as a second home for us. Despite being a highly urbanized city as it is now, it still retained its rural feels – something which you rarely experience in Metro Manila.

Back when I stayed in Antipolo, I had the best of both worlds – welcoming neighbors who are always there to help you out, people who would not hesitate to invite you over into their homes, especially during the Pilgrimage month and the city Festival (which is on the 8th of December), the thrills of the events during the Summer, and the poignant memories that Christmas brings when people flock the Antipolo Cathedral early in the morning to hear the Misa de Gallo; but not only that, I saw how it gradually transformed itself into a bustling city filled with vendors, establishments, and even a mall, near the heart of the city.

Somehow, I realized that three years of stay in the city was not enough, and I keep on looking back to the things that made me fall inlove with the city in the first place. Here in the metro, you barely see the ‘rural’ essence that most people have back in Rizal. Probably we could try to see in more often here in Manila? Well, I hope we do.