You were smiling at me from across the corridor, just as I remember you doing it. Your bespectacled eyes seemed to reach out for me, and I realized this was all but a part of me wanting to see you in person again. And I was bound to savor each moment of it, even in my sleep.

However, thinking back, of all the times when I knew I should have let go, I just couldn’t fully get over you yet. It was neither the lust that kept me looking for you nor the hopes of us being together like every single girl back then; I wanted to be with you. Still, the mere idea that we were good friends, and that you regarded me differently than our other classmates, kept me in this illusion.

After all these years, my unconscious continues to fail me. I never really did let go of you completely. I just hope, like summer, this is bound to last indefinitely.


The Last Cycle

I’m finally a Fourth Year student.

After 7 years of wandering, procrastinating, internalizing, changing, and motivating myself towards the student who I am now, I actually came to this point when I’m actually enlisting my Senior Year subjects for BS Pharmacy. God has been great for He has blessed me with second chances, and this time I am making sure that things work out for the better.

Looking back at the years I have spent in college, dropping subjects like a hot potato, and drifting through my classes most of the time, I never would have thought that a turning point would actually come my way, that night when I sat down to reflect on my school life, and my future.

Letting God take control of my life was one of the best decisions I ever made. Just when I was on the verge of failure, calling out to Him when I needed Him the most, and just at the right timing, He made sure to give me a challenge which He knew I can overcome, I know now that there is no better place to be in but by His side.

And so the challenge begins on the 14th. Bring it on, Senior year! I shall come to conquer it for God’s glory!