r-limonene? ohh yeah. guess what i’m eating nao. :)


Sleep needed.



Fall back to bed.

Stare blank at the ceiling, and with a sigh,

I slowly close my eyes.

The darkness slowly creeps away, as the first few rays of the sun reached my room’s windowpane.

I felt a shivering feeling down my spine, and unease in my breathing, as my eyes started to swell. I kept my eyes wide open, trying to keep the tears from falling. But as the flashbacks started rolling, I closed my eyes and let them run across my cheeks, sobbing in my dark room. I see myself enact those cruel and bitter memories of Junior and Senior year.

“I just cant repay you, and those good deeds that you do  to me”

“We just cant be like close friends anymore”

It was like a living hell, here on earth.

And then I opened my eyes.


Rose up,

and went back to bed, crying.

Not Used To

I used to be like a stream in the countryside, free flowing. Adventurous. Liberated. I can expund on anything that I want to talk about. I was the conversationalist. Things arond me “inspired”
me to do such, and because of that, I feel great about what I do.

Now, I am nothing but a hollow log. Empty. Senseless. I cannot even make the words in my poetry fit! I always run out of things to say. Actually, if one sees my former multiply sites, and, I said more sense. Did emotions really play a part in my writing? I am water. I bring forth change.

Change. It is an inevitable thing. Yet, I cannot adhere myself to it. For months, I have been contemplating on the fact that I just cant go on with progress in my life. People see me as some chemistry geek, reading the LeMay and Brown book, browsing some McMurry and Leithold, but deep inside, I tend to be immature, especially when it comes to emotions.


This a past post in my multiply site. I used to blog a lot of my posts there, but since I’m starting to acquaint myself here in WordPress, I hope I get to use and post my next, new poems here :)

Smiles fade and tears arise

Feelings detach and subside

The neon lights

Have gone away, leaving

Fragments of yesterday

The gust of wind and

rush of rain

Would this wash away

the pain?

I sleep in solitude from

now on today

Putting all my efforts

in vain.

That Guy of Sixteen

I learned a lot, from the guy of sixteen

from the moment he entered my life’s silverscreen

His stories, nice, both from here and afar

While mine were daydreams and wishing upon a star

He taught me to calm, this playful heart of mine

With his corny jokes everything turned out fine

Whenever im down, he would share his smile

And i find my afternoons seemingly worthwhile

But then there were times, I felt he was ‘cold’

Simply telling me– emotions must not hold

Because he’s not mine, yes, not mine alone

And i say this, my friends, in an contented tone.

Time would come, that he must too, go away

Like the summer sun, it must shine another day

I do not know when, I do not know how

But i am very sure to say

That this guy of sixteen became a close one to me.. today :)