24 Random Things

24 Random Stuff from this 24 year old blogger:

  1. I enjoy making playlists on Spotify
  2. I consider a cat as my spirit animal. I am as clingy, adorable and as lazy.
  3. I am currently my DotA 2 team’s Support, using Witch Doctor as my hero
  4. My favorite spot in school, is at the parking lot near the Engineering Bldg.
  5. I love Lychee shakes
  6. I am a frustrated folk arts dancer
  7. I was born on the same day as my mom and dad’s mothers.
  8. My Instagram account is full of B&W stuff
  9.  White Mocha Americano whenever I’m at Starbucks. Soya Milk and Warm.
  10. I had a fear of youngsters, because I can’t play with them roughly.
  11. I have tons of highlighters, which I practically use for school.
  12. Friends know me from afar because they always see me in a plain colored shawl at school.
  13. I have been struggling to master Pharmacology for months now
  14. I can apply as a Student Assistant during enrollment period because of the tons of questions I get during the period.
  15. I love Haiku
  16. I am quite skilled in using the Filipino ancient script called Baybayin.
  17. I love going to museums around Manila, especially the National Museum.
  18. Old films and Independent Films are my thing.
  19. I am not a fan of local TV networks.
  20. Unfortunately I recently discovered that my allergies are triggered by eating chicken. Sad.
  21. I am still torn between taking up my Masters, or pursuing Medicine after college.
  22. My 23rd birthday celebration was the best one I had in my entire college life
  23. I am still motivated to wear a sablay one day. :)
  24. I am finally in my last year in college. YAY!

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