The Rough Days


One word that could very well describe the state that you have dragged myself in for the past three weeks now. A condition that you long to end, mentally and emotionally. The pile of paperwork has been in a constant flux, and the deadlines never seem to finish. You start skipping meals, and in the long run, forgetting if you even had one, not until you see your wallet and you haven’t even spent a dime for food today, and you conclude that sleep is but a half-hour escape from the stresses you bring home from school, and is not even close to a “sound” one.

Exams usually come in pairs – none of which is easier than the other, and now that you are taking up major subjects in Pharmacy, doesn’t help with the fact that your instructors seem to “plot” you by scheduling the hard ones on the same day. And you usually have exams both in the morning, and sometimes, into the afternoon.

And the worst part is, during those lucid moments, when you blankly stare at the horizon, realizing that as you stare at the city lights, as you go home, that the end is nowhere in sight.

You get home, tired from the traffic, but your mind doesn’t stop from worrying about tomorrow’s exam. You gobble up your meal for the day (literally), and before you know it, you’re leaning on the couch, trying to snatch a  quick nap. You try to get up early for your internship, waving at the endless queue of customers where the lane starts, refusing to sell Clindamycin to customers who claim its their only acne remedy, refilling stocks and getting blister cuts.

And just when the week is almost at its end, you remember that you haven’t started reading for Pharmacology..


Stepping up to the Challenge

Seeing the small crowd of students who were inside the Lecture Room, made me wonder why nobody really wanted to stand up and want to be elected as an officer. But then again, in the back of my mind, I realized how not so many of us were into being officers, and how not a lot of us in our Organization, wanted an added task.

A thought came into my mind as I wrote this post: it went back to that time when I was still an Officer back at PLM. I was the Executive Secretary of the PLM Chemical Society at the time, and I was the youngest among the Executive Officers. I had to finish paperworks, and I had to do the minutes whenever we had a meeting. It was not an easy thing for a Sophomore to do the job, but because I wanted the post, and in my little way, be a part of the change inside the Organization, I did all my work with a smile.

Though I may not have finished my term at PLM, because of things that I had no hold of, and due to my transfer to Adamson, the eagerness of improving a small community of students with a common goal never faded. Stuff which I was never able to do back at my old school, would have a chance in this new avenue at AdU, and I pray that these may somehow push through, and that hopes of a group of people who work hand-in-hand be a promising sign that aside from turning AdU into one of the best schools in the country in terms of Chemistry education, but also the dreams of getting the Adamson University Chemical Society back on its track.

But still, I am ashamed that my dreaded Physics and Calculus grades are getting in my way so I can serve my orgmates as the newly elected Vice President. (According to my friends from the Seniors, a newly elected officer must have no failing grade) But I am not hopeless yet. And no matter what happens, I can even endure a Summer class, just to compensate for the failure and retain my post as the Vice President.

But even if things don’t go as planned, what matters is how I would still cooperate and provide all my efforts for the Organization despite the unfortunate events that might come my way. 


So for all of my orgmates and the people who believed that I can help the AUCS to get back on its feet, thank you very much in advanced! Let’s not waste any moment further, and we shall work together for the group!