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I have gotten this far.
Yet, there have been doubts that kept me wondering. Doubts that arose from my frequent asking, and stressful activities that we’ve been through this semester.

As a friend of mine described organic synthesis as an art, since it Always Require Training, I think the same thing applies too for my Chemistry lessons both in the lecture part and in the laboratory. I can really feel the tension as we go through each topic, and everytime we would be having our long exam. While others in the class feel pompous with how they are performing in chemistry, I cannot even feel the same for it.

Lately, I have been having second thoughts with regards to my undergrad choice. Though people around me may see that I am very grade-conscious chemistry major, but I have to be honest: I barely open my Chemistry books nowadays, and I can’t even recall the formulas that we used, 3 lessons back?

I really don’t know. I just.. can’t figure out if I’m really into this anymore. After all the projections that I have been making for myself. Wanna know what they should be? Here:

After college, I will/may take up
[Undergrad Chem] — M.S. Chemistry — then laboratory researcher.
[Undergrad Chem] — M.A. in Teaching Chemistry — Professor, book writer in Chemistry
[Undergrad Chem] — take up NMAT — pursue Medicine in PLM.

Oh bummer. Now, I don’t think I can even get through my undergrad course! Actually, I was discouraged more on the fact that we would be having a thesis. :|

I’ve gotten this far.
Should I?