Decision of the Heart

Lord, I forgive within my heart
Bitter feelings from the start –
The pain, the rage, the shattered parts,
Ill-kept emotions, now I thwart.

To the ones who crossed me, time & again
I harbored contempt since way back when
May haunted mem’ries fade and then
This soul may heal as You intend.



They lurk, they creep. They hear me weep
My heart out loud, I try to keep
And silence them inside my head
I stare outside the shop instead.

They seek, they feed on my defeat
And they grin on to my retreat
I close my eyes, tears down my cheek
As they get strong, while I’m here weak.

They sting; they stab, and leave me sore.
They made me doubt what I’d fight for.
I sigh and pray, coz there’s still more
Right there, just waiting out my door.

Tough Calls

Its another rainy afternoon, as I sit here on my favorite chair at a Starbucks branch near my place – my rendezvous, and sweet, caffeine-filled escape from the harsh reality as I sip a cup of Caramel Frappuccino, and light up a stick or two, while savoring the cool breeze through my face. The thunderstorms didn’t seem to surprise me, as I start to jot down my random thoughts.

But this time, I feel as if the turmoil outside the coffee shop, cannot compare to the agony and the questions that linger inside my head, as I recall how the conversation went two weeks ago.

Right now, things are a little bit confusing, especially when I now bear once again, the pressures of finally finishing my degree, and (while doing so) fixing my Green Card before I turn 21 next year. With all these rambling thoughts in my head, I just cant seem to get myself back on track.