My Five Minutes in Heaven

And there it was.

Another memory to fill my lonely nights. Another living nightmare to haunt me in broad daylight. Another story I could’ve written a better ending to. But there it was. An ending too soon to be felt.

Oh, too soon.

How I long to repress this at the back of my mind. A blissful encounter, which I suppose was kept brief for a very good reason. Like the changing of the seasons, it came. Like the changing of the seasons, it left.As we stepped out of the walls that confined us, nothing felt the same anymore. We talked, and laughed as moonlight shined down on us lonely creatures – who felt the longing to be loved, and to be loved accordingly in return.

Lips the like April rose. A warmth like sunny rays of May. With the euphoria felt in June, we stayed in that cabin. The torrid winds of July, I felt his chest in mine. Hearts beating to the adrenaline rush that came with our affections. And like the August rain, reality came pouring down on us, until it washed everything away.

It drifted me apart from you, in the calamity that was us.

And there it was: the final say.

I held your hand one more time, this time not with hope, but with uncertainty – for what happens when day breaks is something I cannot tell – like the secrets we had in that cabin. Was five minutes enough, to tell?

Or would it take me longer to forget?


The Encounter

For the first time, I was caught off guard.

Thursday night. I was on my way home, after such a long stressful day. I rode a jeepney to get back to my place. It was a fast ride, from Pasig to Kalentong. It felt like I was in some drag racing circuit. Cool wind in my face, and to think I was alone in the jeep. (Well, technically I had company since the driver was there, so I wasn’t really alone. LOL)  It was already around 9pm, and my mind was practically drifiting again to some parallel universe when someone rode the jeep

And that was when she swept me away.

Oh yes, she did.

Honestly , it was the first time that I ever took notice of a girl. She wore this short skirt, a blue crew neck tee, and this smile that, as much as I hate to admit, made me stare at her for the longest time. She was on the other side of the vehicle. And I had a good view of her from my side. She went near to my place to ask me something. I think it was how to get to Acacia Lane.

Out of the blue, this sudden urge of my testosterone made me speak in such a gentleman way, I still can’t figure out how I did it. It was like, “Shit? Of all the girls that were trying to get me straight, this stranger hits me on the spot!” kinda thing. And then I realized, maybe I can find someone like her, and try getting myself straight. ooooh, I think that was too much for me at the moment.

Maybe I was just being to weird. Maybe I was just overreacting because of this beautiful girl infront of me. Maybe, just maybe, I needed a break and I had to get home fast. Oh yes, the last few minutes that I would get to stare at this wonderful sight, since we were already at Puregold Shaw.

She held her phone, as if she was talking to someone. I was listening to DJMax OST’s on my phone when she signaled the driver to stop. Out in the window, I saw a tall and handsome guy under the street light. She thanked me for the last time and I said welcome. She dropped off and I saw her hold hands with the guy while crossing the street towards the Jollibee branch there.

I totally loathe them. My gosh! 

I flipped my hair, rolled my eyes and thought ‘He’s kinda hot’.