I am always here but you seem to look a far
I give what I have, but you still reach for a star
That you can’t reach and can’t be yours for now
But we can’t be together, never

I smile for you but her sweet cheeks eases the pain
I reach out my shelter but you’d stay with her in the rain
To hold her tight, you do it so well
What I’ll feel for you I can never tell

I comfort you, but her words make you feel better
Now I really understand; she’s the only one you’re after
And now, for a little everything is clear
That our’s is forbidden and we cant be together.


The Agony

Caged, in this house full of lies.
The pain! It slowly creeps inside
And I, with efforts to sustain
Down on my knees I remain
I cry.

Eyes, crimson red oh bloodshot eyes
Reason? No time to ask him why
As he slaps his words to our cheeks
And we fall– she and me
I sigh.

Words may not contain all these
But still, I refrain to believe
Two months? We need stay for two more?
If we can just go tonight..