Just A Feeling

My heart skips a beat once more. Should it be something I will be happy about?

Not necessarily. Does it affect me that much? It does affect me, kinda?

I wanted to talk about it so much – ┬áthis familiar feeling that I never get to let out, drains so much of my positive energies, that I discontinue anything productive that I have in plan to do. And having such burdens, makes it so hard for me to focus. I’d act up these tendencies of mine to rack my brains, about what’s happening, and my chest tightens up and it becomes harder to breathe every single time.

Eyes become swollen, the air around you becomes thinner, and with every time you inhale, it becomes harder to take in. Each random thought becomes much more of a reality inside your head, and the worries get to you so much. All trust becomes doubtful, and the merest of gossip becomes the subject of paranoia.