Lab Group-fies

Selfies with classmates in the lab has never been this wackier. Thanks to @markyurie for the photos last Monday!


Starting the New (Acad) Year

At the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory with my Classmates.

At the Adamson University Chemistry Laboratory with my Classmates. Credits to @marykyurie for the photo.


Finally after the long summer break, its time to face the June rain, and the new school year as a Junior (and my classmates, as Seniors).

This time, I’m ready to face Physical Chemistry 1 for the second time (and hopefully, for the last time – so I can head off to PhyCM 2 next term.).

I was fortunate to get afternoon classes this term, with all the hassles of rain and late suspensions.

First Semester, let’s get it on.

365 Days of Writing Prompts: Ripped into the Headline



11:45 AM 6/9/2014

Manila, Philippines – After a long hiatus during the Christmas and the Summer Breaks, long time college blogger Joshua Jimenez (@sijoshjimenez) resumes the continuum of blog posts for his WordPress Blog, ‘Tidbits’.

“Yes, it has been a long time since I updated my blog. I have been pretty busy for a long time, especially this May up to early June cozĀ I was preoccupied with the enrollment procedures, and keeping the house clean”, said Jimenez through an interview.

According to Jimenez, a more frequent surge of posts, with the help of The Daily Post’s ‘365 Days of Writing Prompts’ – a day to day list of awesome writing prompts to challenge, inspire and motivate any blogger into writing the whole year around. “It will definitely be a challenge for me, but because most of the people who read my works are looking forward to be coming back to WP (WordPress) to blog again, it makes all the difference – because they inspire me to write awesome poetry, and prose for all the world to see, and share”.

Jimenez also included that he will be starting his blog again early this week.