Status Unknown

It’s been 2 weeks since I started my schooling at Adamson University. Well, its not that I hate the place,for me to feel so down. I do have friends already. I just usually find myself wandering the school grounds, or sitting at the stairs, staring around the university grounds. Its not that I really am¬†school-sick or just because I’m so plain dramatic.. Maybe I just ample needed the time to start writing the usual verses, just like back in high school.

Okay, so here goes. (By the way, for the first time people who would read these kinds of stuff I write, don’t infer that I’m hopelessly romantic? It makes you sound so all-knowing coz you’re right)


Ruthless, and cold down to your core

Havin’ no one to love you more

Emptiness you have in store

Has kept you crying, red eyes sore.


Seven-fold I try to hide

The bitter feelings still inside

Coz no matter how hard I cry

It’s you that always made me smile.


The days went by, yet I still amiss

That Monday night I kissed your lips

Overwhelmed, was that all this?

Or just a mem’ry saved for keeps?


He keeps me hanging, I throw a sigh

Lookin’ around from side to side

He sees someone, and now he’s high

It urges me to say goodbye.



The problem is, I would admit

To see him, I just can’t resist!

Despite being good, I can’t insist

Sweet intimacy that doesn’t exist.