It was another Wednesday evening. The clock struck 7 o’clock, and I was waiting at the door. Nobody was home, except me. Mom had to go out, and I asked her if I could just catch up. As much as I wanted to leave the house, I was more eager to wait for the person about to enter our doorsteps at this hour of night.
7:30, and it was raining. I see you outside, holding an umbrella. I waved my hand to tell you it was free to go in. You dropped your bag on the couch, and you hugged me so tight like a husband who came home from work. I caught myself surprised, but I didn’t bother. I was in your arms again, and you were in mine.

You followed me to the kitchen and asked me what I was cooking for ‘our’ dinner. I told you, ‘Its your favorite soup, and there’s steak. Also the Iced Tea’s on the fridge’. You didn’t need me to tell you that. You were already wrapping your arms behind me, kissing my neck, while I was stirring the meal on the saucepan.

I shoved you a little, and joked that I might get turned on. You pout a little, and with a kiss on your cheek, you smile and sat on the chair. I ask you about your day, just like a wife would, to her dutiful husband on his tiring day of work. You told me, the story that I made for you aced the class, and a wide smile flashed on your face. It was heartwarming, and I blushed while serving you your dinner. You sat beside me, and fed me while your arms wrapped my shoulders.

When we were done with the dishes, you laid down on bed. I came up behind you and you hugged me so tight. It was a week-long absence from each other, since the Midterms were somehow very busy. I laid on your chest, and you smelled of my favorite perfume. You held me so close, then. Held me with those arms that kept me safe. Kept me warm. Kept me calm. Your love had that magic that you cast over me. It was habit forming, and made me long for you even more, when you’re away.

I looked at my phone’s clock: It was 8:30. I knew that you had to go home soon, but I resisted. I missed you so much. And I just can’t let you leave that early. You held my hand, and made me face you. Our lips touched each other, and like a fire ablaze, amidst the cool rain, we were now bare at each other’s presence. If it could only last the whole night through.. If only it could.

Almost an hour passed, and you told me you really had to go. Then you saw tears. Tears? From the pain? No. I was numb about it. It was because you were going to leave again tonight. I held your hand, and you kissed my forehead, and you went off and said ‘Goodbye’. Time flew past us once more, in this story that never even got close to Midnight. And like the Love we once knew to love, came down as ephemeral.


Glimpse of You

I took a second glance on the guy who sat infront of me in the jeepney. There was this feeling in me that made me think twice if I should say ‘hi’ to this good-looking guy wearing a striped polo shirt, and what seemed like a foldable pair of reading glasses in his pocket.

He was fair-skinned and had rather messy hair. His nose seemed perfect, and he smelled of my favorite cologne. The urge has been battling inside of me if it was really him. Perhaps a look-alike? Maybe so.

These thoughts kept running in my head, when unexpectedly, in between glances that I throw to this guy, he suddenly looked at me, and gave me a weak smile.

Shit! I was so caught off guard right there and then! I smiled back, just to fend off the awkward situation that befell me, and looked the other way. But I would glimpse an instance or two, towards this bespectacled guy. I just couldn’t help it. Yes, in a way he did remind me of you and how I once looked at you beside me inside the classroom.

You would ask me why, then I would smile and tell you to stop minding me and my weirdness. And then, you’d turn loose sheets of paper on your desk, or the back of your notebook into instant sketchpads, with a pen on your hand. I still kept some of them, and smile whenever I remember you sketch our favorite anime characters. We shared a liking for music, and I still kept that pair of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Headphones you gave me for Christmas, and whenever I think of you, I use them while listening to my favorite songs. I broke all my other earphones, but for 3 years, I’ve had it with me, with all the stuff that we shared.

I would glimpse an instance, or two, and saw all your actions through this guy infront of me. The way he took off his glasses, it kills me inside, that for the longest time that I have kept you locked inside my heart, someone who actually resembles you, makes me remember you once more. Has it been a year already since we last chatted? I can’t remember quite well. But the late night conversations we had, would always be in my heart, no matter what.

I’ve been with other guys, since then, but I always looked for you in them. I’ve seen other girls, since then, but you’ve made me cry like no one can.

I alight the jeep, and I was sure enough it wasn’t you. But the brief encounter, how absurd it may sound, I’ll admit, it made me happier. It made me whole.

Sophie First Sem Chronicles Part 2

Honestly, there were so many memorable things last semester. And I don’t know if the first ten things were enough to describe our 5 month bonding in BS Chemistry.

So I decided to add another list of the unforgettable (exagge.) things on our First Semester this year:

1. Unkown – One of the most enjoying, yet arduous experiments we’ve had for Analytical Chemistry I. Every after the experiment, we had to submit our individual vials for the task. Tss. I really hate the latter part of those experiments, coz I always got a 70 in the test. Tss.

2.Rivero – Damn, I hope he doesn’t read this. Haha. Well, Who is this, anyway? He is none other than the professor who almost ruined our lives by letting us watch too much indie movies for Humanities class. No exams, not-so-much homework, and two projects?! Sheesh. Then, just before the Midterm exams, he hides into nowhere.

3.‘Madam’ – Ugh. Another one of those ‘almost upsets’ this Semester. I was hoping things turned out okay Having Mrs. Jocson around. But when we were informed that there would be a new Economics professor, I just went blank.

4.Silip – I know my classmates can still remember this 1985 horror sexploitation film that Rivero made us watch. Like, I cant even make silip at the notebook on the table coz Rivero was tooo big. Yeah, he blocked the view too much.

5. Peterson – You got that right. Thurman Peterson, author of the ever-useful, always-dreadful Calculus with Analytic Geometry. That yellow and black book that you always hold every Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays? Oh yes. Very memorable.

6.Removal – Well, the examination given to students whose grade is between 75 and 70 (as I can remember it.) Wasn’t it just like yesterday when RDL threatened us with a no-removal Organic Chemistry Lecture subject? And the thought of having to remove Math Analysis I?

7.Lucas test – The Lucas test, with the use of the Lucas’ reagent is a chemical test used to determine and differentiate between primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols. I dont know why I included this on my list. But I think it has something to do with our favorite Laboratory love teams.

8. Neneng B – Of course! Now that’s something worth remembering. Who else would be so perfect for the role than my classmate Yoni? Hahaha.( I think ako lang ata at saka mga kagroup ko nakarerelate. HAHA)

9. Happy Quiz!  – HOPE IN THE HEART PUTS A SMILE ON THE FACE – Happy quiz! -jrm Memorable? Naman! It was never a happy quiz to start with, kase. HAHAHA! Her quizzes were nightmares written on paper.

And last but not the least

10.  Bolinao –  yes. Bolinao, Pangasinan. It should’ve been a dream come true. LOL. We would always speak of Bolinao whenever we find ourselves in a dire situation with our acads. It was a form of escapism where we daydreamed of the beach, while sitting infront of our 2-paged Math exam.

College life was never boring for us. We may be down in the numbers, but we always maximized our ‘good memories’ capacity. No matter what happened, we never did feel downhearted (well, that’s for another story)