Prom Night Part 1

It was Thursday night. Everyone was having prepared to have a blast, and it was the last party of the year for the graduating class. The ladies were either in flowing gowns or sexy cocktail dresses, while the men were in their flashy coat, slacks and tie. The reception area was set, with each table romantically lit with candlelight. Caterers were running around, fixing the evening’s buffet, and the lights and sounds were all ready for tonight’s big event.

A teacher signals the students to start falling in line, so that they may stay with their procession partners, as the activity was about to start.Two weeks ago, the Seniors were paired up with their Junior counterparts, practiced Minuet and Cotillon, and how to enter the big dancing hall. The guys were given roses to bestow to their loving dance partners, and the girls were pinned with their corsages.

While most of the students have fallen in line, others still, prepare for the event. Two guys were still fixing their coats and tie in the comfort room.

‘What do you think? Is it okay on me?’

“I’m not really sure. Just go with the blue one, Paul. It matches your tuxedo quite well.’

‘You sure with that? Ugh. I don’t wanna mess up tonight. I’ve been practicing the dance steps for later, and I think I might screw up!’

“Don’t worry too much, will ‘ya? I’m sure you’ll do just fine! ‘

And with a pat on his shoulder, he pushes him out of the CR and to fall in line at the gym.

‘Thanks James. I knew I could count on you when it comes to stuff like this! But, aren’t you coming with me yet?  You’ll be late if you don’t get there soon!’

‘And risk having us seen coming out of the bathroom together? You know how they are here. Haha! You go ahead. Two minutes.’

‘Aw geez. Well, okay. See you later!” And Paul went out, to catch up for the procession.

Now he’s left there standing alone.

Just like Paul, he does have the good looks too. He has the chinky eyes, the average-built body, the balladeer, and the all-around acads guy. He’s won awards in and out of the school. but tonight will not be his night. In fact, he dreads this night.

For his last dance, will never be his.